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There will be no load-shedding in the state this year

We reached 3500 MW in wind energy and 1000 MW in co-generation.He said six lakh agricultural pumps will be shifted to the solar power network this year. "Maharashtra is at top slot in renewable energy generation. This year too, we are fully prepared as we have adequate coal stock.. (Representative Image) Nagpur: There will be no load-shedding in Maharashtra this year as it has adequate coal stocks for power generation, state energy minister Chandrashekhar Bawankule has said.
We reached 3500 MW in wind energy and 1000 MW in co-generation.He said six lakh agricultural pumps will be shifted to the solar power network this year. "Maharashtra is at top slot in renewable energy generation. This year too, we are fully prepared as we have adequate coal stock.. (Representative Image) Nagpur: There will be no load-shedding in Maharashtra this year as it has adequate coal stocks for power generation, state energy minister Chandrashekhar Bawankule has said. It is our mission to bring 47 lakh agricultural pumps in the state under solar power in the next five years."We had transmitted a record 24970 MW electricity on March 3, 2018. ceramic alkali pump for sale 'We plan to shift six lakh pumps to solar power this year and provide them with electricity for up to eight hours a day,' said Chandrashekhar Bawankule.Addressing reporters here Thursday, he said the state was on the top as far as power generation from renewable sources of energy was concerned. Electricity generation in Maharashtra had never crossed 20000 MW before this. We plan to shift six lakh pumps to solar power this year and provide them with electricity for up to eight hours a day," he informed.Maharashtra is on top as far as power generation from renewable sources of energy was concerned, said Chandrashekhar Bawankule.
There will be no load-shedding in the state this year," he said It is our mission to bring 47 lakh agricultural pumps in the state under solar power in the next five years."We had transmitted a record 24970 MW electricity on March 3, 2018. ceramic alkali pump for sale 'We plan to shift six lakh pumps to solar power this year and provide them with electricity for up to eight hours a day,' said Chandrashekhar Bawankule.Addressi
ng reporters here Thursday, he said the state was on the top as far as power generation from renewable sources of energy was concerned. Electricity generation in Maharashtra had never crossed 20000 MW before this. We plan to shift six lakh pumps to solar power this year and provide them with electricity for up to eight hours a day," he informed.Maharashtra is on top as far as power generation from renewable sources of energy was concerned, said Chandrashekhar Bawankule. There will be no load-shedding in the state this year," he said


Terror attacks continue and bribery goes on merrily

At first, they were allowed to take old notes till December 31, but when some protested they were being used as dumping grounds for demonetised currency and had no change to return, this was withdrawn. Why did the RBI and banks not discuss the pros and cons before issuing diktats. Rural India has been hit the hardest.Union finance minister Arun Jaitley seems quite happy that his tax collections have risen in November-December despite the demonetisation.Arun Jaitley seems quite happy that his tax collections have risen in November-December despite the demonetisation. One doesn’t know how long this will last. So the one per cent levy some private sector banks decided to demand Saturday night turned out to be a nightmare. The Rs 2,000 note (which many people find little use for) is being dispensed liberally as Rs 500 notes are still in short supply and Rs 1,000 notes aren’t back.


Terror attacks continue and bribery goes on merrily. This deadline has passed, and he is silent on the persisting chaos, with people still not able to freely access their own money. It is inexplicable why all those affected and all stakeholders aren’t consulted when far-reaching decisions are taken. The ATMs of even India’s largest bank, State Bank of India, are still “dry” at several places across the country, as they don’t get enough cash from the RBI. But at what cost? Thousands of daily wage earners have lost jobs across the country as their employers had no cash to pay them. Black money is generated afresh every day, and there’s no word on how this can be stopped as the politicians themselves appear involved. (Representational image) The government has done well to quell, temporarily at least, the protest by petrol pump owners against the move by the banks to levy a transaction charge on credit/debit cards and other plastic money while buying fuel. People are no longer docile.Now, when the industrial pump Suppliers pump owners threatened to stop accepting credit/debit cards, the charges were withdrawn. The petrol pumps get just two and a half per cent commission and there are now 60-70 per cent customers paying in plastic money at petrol pumps.


Prime Minister Narendra Modi had sought 50 days, till December 31, for things to stabilise after the demonetisation. In this case, the pumps were being made scapegoats. The basic point is that so many decisions are being taken without consideration of the consequences. On Monday it was decided that banks and oil companies will share the costs of such transactions and consumers and pump owners would not be charged.. The banks were doing the Reserve Bank’s bidding, and it was just another thoughtless diktat, like so many others announced after the November 8 demonetisation of Rs 1,000 and Rs 500 currency notes that had to be rolled back. They have gone through immense hardships after the demonetisation. The petrol pumps get just two and a half per cent commission and there are now 60-70 per cent customers paying in plastic money at petrol pumps

That may be sour grapes by Novo’s arch-rival

Jason Gaglia, a diabetes expert at the Joslin Diabetes Center in Boston. Gaglia in Boston said price would be critical in determining its uptake both among U.N) Januvia will report later in 2018. “Once an oral is available I think there will be significant interest in it.Chief Science Officer Mads Krogsgaard Thomsen said Novo would pay close attention to such factors as it tries to reach the three-quarters of diabetics who are not yet on injections. What’s more, the drug must be in close contact with the stomach wall, which means patients cannot eat for 30 minutes after taking it and the pill can also cause nausea, raising questions about its practicality.That represents a life-line for Novo as it tries to differentiate itself in diabetes at a time when its smaller biopharma division is also struggling, prompting last month’s abortive attempt to buy Belgian biotech Ablynx (ABLX.BR). “The highest limit of where we could consider taking the pricing would be injectable GLP-1 and the lowest level would be somewhere in between current oral drugs and injectable GLP-1,” Thomsen said.. Still, the devil will be in the details of the 10 Phase III trials, the first of which will deliver results this quarter.Novo’s oral semaglutide medicine is important for ensuring the group’s long-term growth - a critical mission after 2017 results last week revealed mounting price pressure in a crowded market targeting the world’s 450 million diabetics.”


That may be sour grapes by Novo’s arch-rival, whose own work on developing an oral GLP-1 is only at the preclinical stage. But the needle is still a barrier.O), which has a product in early-stage trials.The once-daily pill belongs to a blockbuster class of treatments known as GLP-1s that stimulate insulin production, the first of which were derived from the venomous bite of North America’s Gila monster lizard.If Novo gets over the pricing hurdle, Bailey and Gaglia believe the new pill is set to reshuffle treatment regimens, with oral semaglutide being used as a second or third treatment option after cheap, generic metformin.Eli Lilly research chief Jan Lundberg told analysts last week: “It’s really a sub-optimal oral agent.


LATE BREAKFASTBut oral semaglutide is no simple tablet.Denmark’s Novo Nordisk wants to prove it wholesale ceramic alkali pump for sale can transform the diabetes market with a pill.SHUFFLING TREATMENTSDoctors hope oral semaglutide will provide a new weapon to tackle diabetes earlier with a highly effective therapy.Today, GLP-1s are embraced as a highly effective diabetes therapy and semaglutide, which was approved as a once-weekly injection in December, has out-gunned rivals in efficacy. Rivals, especially Eli Lilly (LLY.Getting this far with oral GLP is already a notable achievement, especially after an earlier oral insulin project was abandoned as uneconomic in 2016. But Clifford Bailey, professor of clinical science at Britain’s Aston University and Dr.Novo’s nearest rival in developing an oral GLP-1 is Israel’s Oramed (ORMP. Others are more cautious but investors overall are betting oral and injectable semaglutide combined will supply around two-thirds of Novo’s revenue growth over the next five years, according to


Thomson Reuters consensus data. So far, all have been injections. “There is resistance in some patients to move to an injectable medication,” said Dr. “It will certainly be welcomed by those patients who prefer to go without their breakfast for half an hour rather than have an injection,” said Bailey. insurers and cost-conscious European healthcare systems. Representational Image. (Photo: Pixabay) LONDON: After nearly a century building a company worth $125 billion based on injectable drugs, Denmark’s Novo Nordisk (NOVOb. The size of the benefit will feed into Novo’s final pricing decision.Most analysts expect oral semaglutide to beat these rivals in controlling both blood sugar and weight. Key trials against Lilly and Boehringer Ingelheim’s pill Jardiance and Merck & Co’s (MRK.But making patients wait half an hour for breakfast could affect adherence and is a concern for investors - as is the question of what Novo will charge for a drug that may perform as well as a pricey injection but looks like rival pills that cost half as much. “If we get the balance between the drug’s profile and the drug’s price and market access right then we can do phenomenally well,” he told Reuters.


This is a big, complex molecule, known as a peptide, which would normally be destroyed by stomach acid and it requires protection with a special compound to boost absorption. While diabetics with advanced disease need daily insulin shots, those at a less serious stage start on simple tablets, with GLP-1s added as a potent new option since 2005.CO) - the world’s biggest insulin maker - wants to prove this year it can transform the diabetes market with a pill.S.N), are watching Novo’s final-stage oral semaglutide trials closely, ahead of the drug’s potential 2020 launch.”If the data stack up from 10 pivotal Phase III studies reporting results in 2018, the new drug could grab more than $5 billion in annual sales, Deutsche Bank analysts believe

At the non-automated petrol pumps

At the non-automated petrol pumps, dealers will be receiving the updated price via customised SMSs, e-mails, mobile app & web portal for dealers. Representational Image. This initiative follows the successful implementation of the pilot project in Udaipur, Jamshedpur, Vishakhapatnam, Chandigarh and Puducherry from May 1. Alternatively, customers can also check the prices in their cities by sending SMS RSPDEALER CODE to 92249-92249.Customers can access IOCL’s mobile app Fuel@IOC for the rates. This can be set to automatically come into effect at midnight at the automated ROs (Retail Outlets), without manual intervention," it said.


Petrol and fuel prices are all set to undergo daily revision by state-run oil marketing companies (OMC) from this Friday. It has claimed that there will bell be "no purchase no sale" of petrol and diesel on June 16. “The Dealer Code of each petrol pump would be prominently displayed in the petrol pump premises," IOCL said.Indian Oil had said, the three oil manufacturing companies will “establish an appropriate mechanism” to convey the prices to consumers every day.Indian Oil had said, three the OMCs will “establish an appropriate mechanism” to convey the prices to consumers every day. They are crying at the inventory loss that they have already suffered due the fluctuations in the daily changing prices on the inventory held by them," it said in a statement.The federation also claimed 50 per cent of petrol pumps sell 30 kilolitre of fuel per month on an average. While petrol pumps will be displaying the daily prices, there are various other ways to check these dynamic rates.


Any China centrifugal pump Manufacturers such decision shall wipe out his entire working capital if the prices were to go down frequently," it said. "All the 26,000 plus Indian Oil dealers will be given timely information on the effective prices at a pre-designated time - say 20:00 hrs for the next day.IOCL also said it would train dealers at petrol pumps to ensure that customers do not face any pricing misinformation or glitches.However, the Federation of All India Petroleum Traders (FAIPT), has voiced its protest against the government’s decision to implement daily revision of fuel prices. "Dealers of five cities where it was launched have already burnt their fingers. Mumbai: Come June 16, you need to be aware of the day’s fuel price if you want to take your car on the road."The daily price revision is an initiative for ensuring the best possible prices to the customers as well as improved transparency in the pricing mechanism," Indian Oil Corporation Limited (IOCL), the country's largest oil retailer said.. "One tank lorry of 18 Kls lasts most of such small dealers 7 to 10 days

The BMC’s storm water drains department in its pre-monsoon inspection

Last monsoon, it was observed that areas like Cuffe Parade, Worli and Shivaji Park which never saw water logging in the past had minor water logging due to metro 3 work being carried out.As per authorities, metro 3 work is being carried out 18 to 25 metres underground. The work is being carried out underground and it is necessary that rain water is pumped out”.Ashwini Bhide, managing director, MMRC, said, “We have installed 340 de-watering pumps along the entire corridor starting from Cuffe Parade to Seepz to avoid water logging.


The BMC’s storm water drains  department in its pre-monsoon inspection of metro 3 construction sites had informed the MMRC to take necessary precautions to avoid water logging, which included installation of de-watering pumps. This year, MMRC has installed de-watering pumps before the onset of monsoon and so far, no water logging complaints have been received,” said deputy municipal commissioner (zone one), Harshad Kale. This choked the storm water drains causing water logging at several locations in south Mumbai.


The metro 3 (Colaba-Bandra-Seepz) corridor is completely underground and work is being carried out in full swing. (Photo: Representational/PTI) Mumbai: To avoid instances of water logging in south Mumbai due to the ongoing wholesale ceramic alkali pump metro 3 construction work, the Mumbai Metro Rail Corporation (MMRC) has installed 340 de-watering pumps at metro 3 construction sites. As per authorities, metro 3 work is being carried out 18 to 25 metres underground.


Last monsoon, it was observed that areas like Cuffe Parade, Worli and Shivaji Park which never saw water logging in the past had minor water logging due to metro 3 work being carried out. “On June 8 during the last monsoon, it was observed that water from metro 3 construction sites filled with mud and cement particles had been released into BMC drains

The proposal will be sent for a nod from the cabinet

However, the tenders were approved at a higher price of nearly rs 1 to Rs 2 lakh per solar pump.The Union government will share 40 per cent of expenditure while the state government and Mahavitaran will share 30 per cent, each, said a senior officer of the energy department.


With all of this, the scheme got a very poor response from farmers and after more than two years, only 7,000 pumps were installed. While the earlier scheme was implemented by the Mahavitaran company, this time, the state government has asked MEDA(Maharashtra Energy Development Agency) to implement the scheme.Farmers were asked to pay five per cent i.When the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) came to power in Maharashtra in 2014, the chief minister announced that he would install five lakh solar China mine pump Factory pumps in five years, and declared a pilot project to install 10,000 pumps. Rs 15,000 to Rs 25,000 and several conditions were imposed. Farmers were asked to pay five per cent i.


The proposal will be sent for a nod from the cabinet in three to four weeks after approvals from finance and other departments, said sources.e.Once again, 7,000 solar pumps will be installed and tenders will be floated soon, power minister Chandrashekhar Bavankule told The Asian Age. Devendra Fadnavis Mumbai: Despite having installed only 7,000 of the proposed five-lakh solar pumps in five years on a pilot basis during 2014-19, the Devendra Fadnavis-led state government has once again initiated steps to install an additional 7,000 solar pumps ahead of the elections.e. Rs 15,000 to Rs 25,000 and several conditions were imposed

It is pertinent to observe that US markets have suffered their deepest weekly

However, heightened interest was seen in midcap counters signaling retail investor interest. With NPA mess getting addressed by RBI, worst appears to be over for bank stocks. Key supports for the indices are at 25,325 and 25,000 and 7,765 and 7,675.With no major negative surprises in the earnings season, the progress of monsoon will be very closely watched for market trends in the short to medium term. With CAGR of 58 per cent in last two years and rated by Forbes as one of the best under-$1 billion category companies, the stock is good bet for four figure target in the medium term. Kutumba Rao is an avid follower of stock markets.. The Sensex and the Nifty closed 231 points and 49 points lower at 25,607 and 7,850 respectiv-ely.
It is pertinent to observe that US markets have suffered their deepest weekly decline since early February during the week ended.C. Its products include ceramic wall and floor tiles, polished vitrified tiles, glazed vitrified tiles, and sanitary ware and fittings, as well as adhesives for ceramic and vitrified tiles, and unsanded grout. Views expressed in the article are personal views of the writer.6 per cent, highest in the past one ye-ar.1 per cent higher for April series. Buy on declines for target price of `1,600. Defining the Nifty ran-ge, in the option segment highest open interest was seen at 8200 call option and 7700 put option. Stock specific buying was seen in IT and Pharma. It offers test centre, which facilitates the maintenance of software testing life cycle; test the cloud services; test offerings on cloud services; mobile, ERP, big data, etc.Stock ScanCigniti Technologies provides independent software testing services in India, the US, Canada, Europe, Australia, and internationally. Buy on declines for target price of `100. Market wide rollovers were on hi-gher side at 84.
Markets lost momentum to close on a weak note during the week ended due to the absence of any stimulus proposal from Bank of Japan and turbulence in the parliament over the Augusta helicopter deal. Apart from monsoon, investment pattern of institutional inve-stors, movement of the rupee against the dollar and international crude oil prices will dictate the near-term trend of domestic markets. Its sugar segment manufactures and sells white crystal sugar." Market observers advise long-term investors to ignore short-term gyrations in the stock market and not get caught up in the earnings wholesale slurry circulating pump Suppliers volatility.Kajaria Ceramics manufactures and sells cera-mic and vitrified tiles across the country.
Buy for target prices of Rs200 and Rs700 in next few months. Buy on declines Lupin, Granules and Cipla.For the week ahead, chartists predict a trading range of 25,000-26,300 and 7,655-8,050 for the indices.F&ODespite the meltdown on the settlement day, Nifty ended 1. With the passage of Real Estate Bill, experts say the sector will attract huge FDI and is poised for revival. Renewed bu-ying interest was seen in select pharma counters. The recent spurt in retail sugar prices and lower inventories spell sweet times for well managed sugar companies in next few quarters. It also offers bio-products, incl-uding bio-fertilisers, bio pesticides, etc. Its cogeneration segment generates electricity with bagasse as fuel through three units with a total capacity of 54 MW. It offers its services and solutions to a range of industries, including aerospace, e-commerce, telecom, travel and hospitality and others.
Exide Inds and UPL have shown good revenue traction. This newspaper is not liable for decisions made on the basis of this column."The whole secret to winning and losing in the stock market is to lose the least amount possible when you are not right. It also exports its products to approximately 20 countries.Rajshree Sugars and Chemicals engages in the sugar, distillery, power, and biotechnology businesses in India. The turbulence on the Wall Street has been attributed to Japan’s central bank steps and sharp appreciation of yen against the US dollar. Despite fears that the Augusta deal imbroglio will disrupt parliament proceedings, optimists expect some key financial agenda to be cleared by the parliament in next few days.Heightened interest was seen in Banks, Realty, Auto and Metal counters.Stocks looking good are Arvind, Adani Ports, ACC, Biocon, DLF, GMR Infra, Kotak Bank, Sun TV, TechMahindra, Vedanta and Zee Tele


Residents claimed that while sporadic fires are a common sight

However, even as the officials claim to be evacuating residents from one-kilometre periphery, merely 10-12 buildings in the immediate surrounding of the blast site have been evacuated on a temporary basis. Lad, sub-regional officer, Kalyan, MPCB.As civic officials, advised by the NDRF teams, initiated evacuating residents from MIDC vicinity of Dombivali on the second day of the blast, the presence of poisonous gases is being slated as the reason for the evacuation. "Once the pipeline is completed, there will be no open discharge of effluents," Mr Lad. While larger fires gather attention, smaller ones often go unnoticed by residents or media," said a fire official from KDMC Fire Department, confirming the resident’s claims.


At the same time, discharge of both industrial effluent and domestic waste is done in a nullah, which further worsens the situation," said M.Refuting the residents’ claims, the MPCB officials confirmed that last year they had taken action against the chemical companies, which were found to be the epicentre of the foul smell and discharge of effluents. Sudhakar Mourya, a resident of MIDC Phase I said that the vicinity which has thousands of small and large scale chemical companies, always stank of chemicals and gases. However, no monitoring by MPCB or other bodies has taken place so far in the area, Mr Mourya said. "We had carried out the inspection at night and the industries found to be violating norms had been served closure notice.


Residents claimed that while sporadic fires are a common sight in the area, densely housed by chemical companies, the Maharashtra Pollution Control Board has seldom being involved in ensuring that corrective measures are taken. Officials added that while the construction of the pipeline carrying the chemical China mine pump Suppliers waste from Phase I and Phase II is in the process, the stench of the chemicals in the area would continue for some more time.R. "We receive a number of fire calls around the year in the industrial areas of chemical companies

He is an electronics post-graduate who manufactured the chips at his workshop

It is rather ironic that Vivek Shetey (43), an accused in the petrol pump cheat chips scam, worked in an oil company for four years creating hardware to detect and prevent manipulation of fuel dispensing machines. Shetey is now under the scanner of Maharashtra and Uttar Pradesh police for fabricating and selling ‘cheat chips’ that rigged fuel stations, giving 300 ml fuel less for every 5 litre. "Shetey, an electronic post-graduate, is accused of selling over 1,000 cheat chips to men associated with fuel stations in UP and Maharashtra," said police sources.Shetey, who was earlier arrested by the UP police is currently in the custody of Thane police till Saturday. "Shetey has sold thousands of chips all over India. He got this idea when he was working with an oil company few years ago. He left that job five years ago and started making these chips. He sold these chips to petrol pump owners. Initially, he approached petrol pump owners. Later, he would get calls from all over India to make these chips for new oil pumps," said a source.Crime branch deputy commissioner of police Abhishek Trimukhe said, "We are interrogating him. We will get details of other chips makers who are involve in it."Shetey, was arrested from Dombivali.


He is an electronics post-graduate who manufactured the chips at his workshop and allegedly sold each chip for Rs 50,000 to accused in UP. Shetey was arrested for selling cheat chips to China mine pump for sale UP-based suspect, Ajay Chaurasia. He manufactured the chips at his home and office in Dombivali’s Nilje village.His family did not know about his business. He did not employ anyone. He would make one chip in three days. He has been doing this work for the past few years. Earlier, he sold a chip for Rs 3,000 but then hiked the price to Rs 50,000.Different chip modelsIn UP, the accused used chips with remote control while in Maharashtra, they used a three digit code to give commands. Using remote control is easily traceable, because the police simply looked for the remote of the chip.Consequently, the three-digit code model was innovated. It gives command to the pulsar cards, a circuit, that they were attached to the petrol-dispensing machine. Once this code is entered, the machine dispenses less petrol. Example: If a customer sought one litre petrol, they ended up getting only 940 ml or less.

They diverted attention from a looming impasse in UK’s

As U.S. missiles rained down on Syria, the spectre of Cold War rivals, U.S and Syria’s only ally, Russia, squaring off once again, seemed an all too real possibility. Unlike the Cold War era when there were established mechanisms for talks, none exist now. Is the world becoming a more dangerous place?The recent US, French and British missile strikes in Syria, purportedly in response to the Syrian government’s use of chemical weapons, arouse many concerns The United Nations Secretary General declared that the action was not authorised by the UN Security Council and hence violated international law. Secondly, it was based on "evidence", whose authenticity has subsequently raised considerable doubt. Thirdly, it damaged prospects for an early Syrian political settlement. Finally, it heightened Russia-US acrimony, further muddying already murky geopolitical waters.The strikes were a sequel to Russia-West mutual recriminations over the poisoning of former Russian spy (and British intelligence agent), Sergei Skripal, who has lived in England since his release from a Russian prison in 2010. Shortly after he and his daughter were found unconscious in a park, British authorities declared that they were poisoned by a "military-grade nerve-agent" developed in Russia, which was therefore responsible for the crime. The US and European Union accepted this assessment, and many countries followed UK in expelling Russian diplomats from their capitals: UK expelled 23 and the US as many as 60.Russia denied involvement in the Skripal poisoning and alleged that chemical weapon use by Syria was faked, offering its own evidence, which did not find traction in the West.Putting aside the allegations and counter-allegations, it is difficult to find a credible motive for Russia to have either poisoned Skripal or to have let the Syrians use chemical weapons. Why should it wait for eight years after releasing a double-agent to eliminate him, and why choose a method which obviously incriminates it? In Syria, Russia was intimately involved in the Syrian forces’ campaign to "liberate" the Damascus suburb of Eastern Ghouta, which was making good progress. The UN Special Envoy for Syria had acknowledged that 90 per cent of this operation had been completed. At this stage, it would be senseless to launch a chemical weapons attack, which was certain to attract widespread international opprobrium.On the other hand, these developments helped UK Prime Minister Theresa May and US President Donald Trump in their domestic politics and furthered external US objectives.


They diverted attention from a looming impasse in UK’s Brexit negotiations. The public demonstration of the UK-US "special relationship" was also useful for UK’s Prime Minister. President Trump deflected focus from uncomfortable developments in the probe on his personal business dealings. He demonstrated to critics in Congress and the media that he is not "soft" on Russia. Externally, transatlantic solidarity was strengthened and, thereby, US leverage in its various confrontations with Russia. The collective European attitude towards Russia was stiffened, just when some European countries were edging towards "normalising" relations with it. A wedge was driven between Turkey, which endorsed the strikes, and its Russian and Iranian partners in the Syrian political process. Strong calls resurfaced in the US for rigorous implementation of the 2017 sanctions legislation, CAATSA (Countering America’s Adversaries Through Sanctions Act), which authorises sanctions against foreign companies engaging with Russian entities, particularly in defence and energy.Beyond "punishing" Russia for its contraventions of international law, CAATSA is designed to further US strategic and commercial interests. It "encourages" US allies and partners that have significant energy and/or defence cooperation with Russia to turn to the US instead.Germany’s proposed undersea gas pipeline from Russia attracts CAATSA. Meanwhile, the US supports plans of other European countries to import US LNG to partially replace Russian gas supplies to Europe. CAATSA can also be applied against US’ NATO ally Turkey and West Asian partner Saudi Arabia, so that they can be nudged back to full dependence for their defence supplies on the US and other Western partners. Egypt, India, Vietnam and Indonesia face similar pressure.CAATSA vests the power to impose sanctions with the US government, which may decide on whom to impose them and when. This is a powerful arm-twisting tool, which can be used to extract political and economic concessions from countries. The irony is that CAATSA cannot be applied to China, which has the most extensive defence and energy cooperation with Russia, which is today USA’s most formidable strategic rival and which has the most skewed trade relations with the US. The extent of US-China economic interdependence would prevent the US from applying CAATSA to China.


Therefore, even while going for Russia’s jugular, the US has eased pressure on China. President Trump has tweeted appreciation of recent Chinese promises to lower trade barriers and to enforce intellectual property rights.On another front, the Russia-China strategic partnership is developing in worrying directions. The acrimony with the West has increased Russia’s dependence on China’s political and economic support. Their defence and energy cooperation has surged. Russia now supplies sophisticated weapons platforms to China, including the S-400 air defence system, China Seawater injection pumps Manufacturers which India is also seeking to acquire. China’s investment in Russia’s hydrocarbons industry extends from Siberia to offshore Arctic fields. This Russia-China axis could threaten India’s political and security interests.The Russia-US proxy war has resulted in Russia now hobnobbing with many jihadi elements that had humiliated the Soviet Union in Afghanistan in the 1980’s. It may also be one motivation for Russia’s urge for an enhanced partnership with Pakistan, evidenced also by recent public Russian statements appreciating Pakistan’s efforts to fight terrorism.These are difficult challenges for Indian diplomacy. Faced with the CAATSA threat, US pressure on trade imbalance and potential pressure on our exchange rate policies, India has to concede ground in some areas to protect its interests in others.We need to convince the Trump Administration that a strategic partnership cannot be sustained by blackmailing or weakening one partner. Over two-thirds of the weapons systems with our Armed Forces is of Russian origin; we cannot shift overnight to alternative weapons systems without degrading our defence preparedness. For all the diversification of India’s defence acquisitions in recent years, we have not received from others the levels of technology transfers that Russia has been providing. Our US partners have to recognise and redress this problem.We also need to prevent a degradation of our strategic partnership with Russia by ensuring that we respect the vital interests of each other.(The author is a former diplomat, now Convenor of the National Security Advisory)

The commanders had to call the White House

President Donald Trump said he will not let Bashar al-Assad get away with using chemical weapons on his people in Syria, as mine pump Factory he slammed his predecessor Barack Obama for not taking enough action on "horrible acts against humanity" in the war-ravaged country."Had President Obama gone across that line and done what he should have done, I don’t believe you’d have Russia and I don’t believe you’d have Iran to anywhere near the extent, and maybe not at all, in Syria today," Trump told reporters at a joint news conference with visiting Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri on Tuesday."I am not a fan of Assad. I certainly think that what he’s done to that country (Syria) and to humanity is horrible.
I have been saying that for a long time. I am not somebody that will stand by and let him get away with what he tried to do," he said.In the "red line" warning of 2013, Obama responded to reports that Assad had used chemical weapons by saying he would meet further chemical weapons use with force. Later, Assad again used chemical weapons, and Obama opted to have Russia step in to remove them."He (Assad) did it a number of times when President Obama drew the red line in the sand, and then he should have crossed that red line, because some horrible acts against humanity took place, including gas and the killing through gases. That was a bad day for this country," Trump said. He said the US is having extraordinary success against the ISIS."One of the things that we have made tremendous strides at is getting rid of ISIS. We have generals that don’t like to talk, they like to do," he said. Trump said the US has made "tremendous strides" against the Islamic State terror group in Syria, Iraq and other locations. "Our military is an incredible fighting force. And as you know, I let the commanders on the ground do what they had to do," he said.The US president added that before he took charge, "
The commanders had to call the White House and speak to people that didn’t know what was happening, where they were, what locations, practically, probably never heard of the countries they were talking about or the towns."Responding to another question, Trump said he would be making his position clear on the Hezbollah clear in the next 24 hours."I’ll be making my position very clear over the next 24 hours. We’re going to see what is exactly taking place. I have meetings with some of my very expert military representatives and others. So I’ll be making that decision very shortly," he said.


The sun is not the only source for healing light

The sun is not the only source for healing light. Targeted light therapies, such as low-level laser therapy (LLLT), actually amplify the healing potential of light—without the risk of sunburn or skin cancer—to treat a variety of conditions. Laser Queen from Gaksung Global is one of the unique product which is ergonomically designed to exert maximum healing effect of Low level Laser and Fedolight. The therapeutic equipment with the combination of Low Level Laser, LED and more than 1113 big Hexagonal shaped Fedolight for the maximum benefit through FIR exposure to the body.Low level laser and LED therapy is also known as "photon light therapy" or "Phototherapy". It is a type of Cell and tissue repair & pain relief therapy that has been used from since the last 1960s and has been acknowledged as an effective method of pain relief by the FDA & other international organizations.It has shown positive results in curing and treating all malfunctions related to Respiratory System, Digestive System, Blood Circulatory System and Nervous System. Negative ions from Laser Queen also promote the reaction time of our body to be accurate and short increasing our overall performance. Fedolight gives the benefit of Negative Ions therapy and FIR rays to our body which helps, the whole body parts to overcome whole chronic problems.Laser Queen PrinciplesLaser Queen is the ultimate total wellness solution. It uses a combination of 4 different therapeutic principles to help the body restore and regenerate itself. The principle behind Laser Queen are Low level laser (Photon Therapy), Thermal Far Infrared Rays, Sauna Therapy, Negative Ions. Low level laser (Photon Therapy)Low-level laser therapy (LLLT) is the use of a low-powered laser that emits specific wavelengths of light in the visible red and/or far infrared range for therapeutic purposes. This involves the application of low power light to areas of the body in order to stimulate healing. It is also known as cold laser, soft laser or low intensity laser.Low Level Laser Therapy ( LLLT) is used to donate photons (Visible light particles) and electrons to our cells so they can regenerate and repair themselves. This donation of protons increases the energy molecule of the cell, called ATP, which stimulates the cell to grow and repair more effectively.LLLT and LED When we lay down on a Laser Queen, light particles touch the skin deeply penetrating the insides of a body. The body cells start to absorb the energy and use it to rejuvenate and repair themselves. Laser Queen’s Low level Laser and LED therapy works similar to how plants absorb light via photosynthesis.


The laser energy fuels human activities.Far Infra Red RaysFar infrared rays are one of the most beneficial therapies as they can literally improve & support all the systems in the body. Extensive research has been done by the FDA & other independent organizations proving far infrared ray therapy improves overall health, increases oxygen in the blood, and helps injuries heal faster.In Laser Queen, when Fedolights (It is a patented composite Ceramic material made by Gaksung Global in which different natural therapeutic components such as Sericite, Elvan, Germanium, Serpentine, Ferrite and Illite etc. are combined) got heated, it generates Thermal Far-infrared Rays (at 40°C it generates 96% FIR) that penetrates deeply inside our body starts improving blood flow & micro circulation by expanding blood vessels and relaxing the surrounding muscles. It helps our immune system to fight with the diseases and injuries..Sauna TherapyInfrared saunas are a type of sauna that use heat and light to help relax and detoxify the body. Also known as far-infrared saunas or near-infrared saunas, they emit infrared light waves that create heat in our body, thereby causing us to sweat and release stored toxins.Laser Queen sauna therapy are efficient in detoxification, pain reduction, muscle and joint support, anti-aging effects, and cardiovascular healing.Negative IonsOur centrifugal pump Suppliers body is surrounded by ions, both positive and negative ions, we can just sense how they can make or break our health. The Positive ions are not good, but negative ions are absolutely needed by our body.When Laser Queen heated, these Fedolight ceramic starts create negative ions. Negative ions act as anti-oxidants which fight against free radicals in the body and are an essential building block for every cell in our body.

Adding that Kim will then disappear with speculations of him living a new secret life

Adding that Kim will then disappear with speculations of him living a new secret life in China.Craig Hamilton-Parker, the self-proclaimed prophet who predicted Hillary Clintons resignation from politics in 2017 has some pretty glum predictions for 2018 too, including: including an attack on North Korea, a chemical weapons attack on a major European city and the fall of the worlds economy.• US will rent nuclear weapons to Japan.• When the Euro crashes Denmark and Italy will follow Britains path and leave the European Union.The psychic who predicted disastrous events like Donald Trumps election and Britains exit from the European Union has more terrifying predictions for 2018.TERRORISM AND WORLD CONFLICT PREDICTIONS:• A world flu epidemic, possibly linked to biological warfare started by North Korea or a terrorist group.• The UK and US will be hit by the weak Euro but their economies will bounce back quickly and the pound and dollar will once again be seen as good investment opportunities for international money, investment.ENVIRONMENTAL PREDICTIONS:• Mount Vesuvius in Italy will erupt and Naples will be evacuated..•


The US will lose trade in the East as China and Russia form a military and economic alliance in response to the North Korean crisis and US protectionism.He wrote on his blog: Many of the above predictions are pretty gloomy but I feel that there will be a simultaneous growth in spirituality for the people of the world that will now start to lead us into a Golden Age.US PREDICTIONS:• There will be an attempt to impeach Donald Trump by mid 2018, but it will fail which will end up making him more popular.• A well-known American company will be involved in a massive Bitcoin fraud, which will be uncovered and thwarted.• There will be an increase in seismic activity - including places that have been tremor free for 1,000 years - with one very serious earthquake in New Zealand.• A US warship will be sunk by a mine or terrorist operation.• The Mexico border wall will not be built, however there will be drones and sensors to do the job. The funds will be intended for terrorism and war.• There will be record hurricanes in the Caribbean.The psychic wrote on his blog: 2018 will be a year of political turmoil and environmental crisis caused by dramatic and unprecedented weather. It could be either London or Berlin, or both.• Kim Jong Un will be deposed by his own people and he will go missing, with some claiming he is living a secret new life in China.The psychic has predictions for the world with topics ranging from terrorism, the economy and the environment.


Conflict and hardship plus growing environmental problems will bring good people together and ignite a desire to seek the true purpose of human life.• Terrorists will make an airborne chemical weapon gas attack by multiple drones on a European capital city.Among his predictions he also envisions Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will announce their engagement, New Zealand suffering from another severe earthquake, a failed attempt at impeaching Donald Trump and the eruption of a volcano near Naples.• A chemical weapon attack on a school will be thwarted at the last minute.• Japan will pay to hire American missile defence services.While most of his predictions are gloomy, there is a silver-lining, Parker has ceramic alkali pump Suppliers predicted that Kim Jong Un will be overthrown by his people after US forces strike a key trade route.• The southern seas will be impassable in places due to a massive ice shelf breaking from the Antarctic.ECONOMIC PREDICTIONS:• The Euro will crash in 2018, and by the end of the year and into 2019 riots will take place because of the steep economic decline.• A trade embargo with North Korea will fail and the US will strike at railway line and bridge to disrupt imports.• Trump will initiate a massive trade deal with Britain right before Bexit, leaving the EU shaken

Although the chemical triclosan is an effective way

Although the chemical triclosan is an effective way of keeping your body free from bacteria and is used in soaps, deodorants and body wash, it could sabotage hormones linked with sex and thyroid along with other physical activities. New revelations suggest that this chemical is present in your soap.A good sex life depends on keeping away from things that could negatively effect your performance in bed as much as finding diet and exercise to enhance your sexual abilities.


It causes muscle weakness and hinders muscular activity, which can create erectile issues and kill your desire by causing fatigue.But there’s good news since the FDA in US has decided to ban the use of this chemical in soaps and other products, and even as this ban will come in effect by September 2017, many major manufacturers are already scratching triclosan from list of components used in soap and body-care products..While factors like an unhealthy diet and stress are known to take a toll China mine pump Suppliers on performance in bed, there’s one component that has been slowly ruining your sex life day by day, without you even knowing about it

The AAP supremo said oil prices

com/product/power-station-pump/">Wholesale power station pump VAT on fuels.19 per litre.In Delhi, China Seawater injection pumps Manufacturers petrol now costs Rs 81. The oil companies also stated that tough action will be taken against petrol pumps not on strike," he said in a tweet in Hindi.html">China mine pump for sale owners of income tax raids if they did not go on strike.com/product/metallurgical-and-mining-pumps/mine-pump-md-gd-mdii-df-series.The chief minister also reiterated his government’s demand to bring petrol and diesel within the ambit of the Goods and Services Tax (GST).74 a litre and diesel is priced at Rs 75.New Delhi:
As petrol pumps and CNG dispensing units in the national capital remained shut on Monday in protest against the Delhi government’s refusal to reduce VAT on fuels, chief minister Arvind Kejriwal accused the BJP of "threatening" petrol pump owners with income tax raids if they did not go on strike.21 per litre and diesel at Rs 78.apichinapump.
The AAP supremo said oil prices were the "lowest" in Delhi among four metro cities, adding petrol pumps were not on strike in Mumbai despite the oil prices being "highest" there "because the BJP was ruling in Maharashtra"."BJP people have threatened petrol pump wholesale centrifugal pump for sales that petrol pump owners told him "privately" that the strike was "BJP-sponsored" and "actively supported" by oil companies. Modi ji should reduce taxes to give respite to the people," Mr Kejriwal said in another tweet.apichinapump.A call of strike was given by the Delhi Petrol Dealers Association (DPDA) to all the 400 petrol pumps along with linked CNG dispensing units in the national capital in protest against the AAP governments refusal to reduce

Formalin is used to preserve dead bodies

Of this, 6000 kg of fish, mixed with Formalin, was confiscated from Amaravila check post near here, while the rest was taken into custody from Walayar, they said.In view of the frequent seizure of chemically contaminated fish, state Food Safety Commissioner, M G Rajamanickam issued orders to expand raids to local markets to detect chemical presence in fish.The minister had warned of stringent legal action against those who bring or sell chemically contaminated fish.As many as 6000 kg of prawns, brought in 45 lorries, was found mixed with Formalin, officials said.


Last week, 12,000 kg of toxic fish, containing Formalin, was confiscated during raids in the state.Later, the complete fish load was sent to the chemical laboratory in Ernakulam district for further examination, they said.The Food Safety Department recently intensified raids at the border check posts, with a special focus on fish stock arriving from other states, following a directive from the Health Minister K K Shailaja in this regard.A 15-member-team of Food Safety officials from Kozhikode, Ernakulam and Palakkad, led by joint food safety commissioner, carried out the raid.Thiruvananthapuram: In a major haul, 6,000 kg of fish, preserved in toxic chemical Formalin, was seized at the border check post of Walayar in northern Palakkad district on Sunday.The officials had seized a total of 12,000 kg of toxic fish, in two different raids in the state, last week.The widespread use of the deadly chemical nowadays in the preservation of fish, fruit and other food items is posing a great threat wholesale slurry circulating pump Suppliers to public health.


Formalin is used to preserve dead bodies and prevent its decay in mortuaries.According to Food Safety official, the presence of Formalin was detected during the preliminary examination carried out using paper strips, developed by the Central Institute of Fisheries Technology.The state Food Safety department officials foiled the attempt to ferry the chemical-mixed fish from Andhra Pradesh during a raid carried out as part of the Operation Sagar Rani, a drive launched to ensure safety and hygiene at fish handling and distribution centres